yeaaaaa!! anathr Phil Merrick song!! and its bad ass!! :D

im rlly hppy! :)

u guyz should all giv it a listen! cool stuff!

also, i got too c jimmy today. we went out 4 a early diner and then we went rollr staking. hes da best bf ever! :) hehe

anywayz, thats all 4 now.

love, hugs, and kisses,
Olivia V.

starring @ the sealing

i know it might seem kinda weird, butt i find tht somtims, its jus relaxin to star up @ the sealing whil i lye in bed. i dunno what it is… it gives me this sort of, lik zen feelin, or somethin. am i crazi o somthin?

this is alwats my prrefered way of listening to new album.

in fact, i think imma do that now with the copi of tre i jus got in da mail.

tlk to u guyz l8r

luv, hugs, and kisses,
Olivia V.

flim starr, yea im deluuxxx!

omgomgomgomgomgomg!!! guyzguyguyz!!! i totz forget too tell all of u tht i postd a new vid! here it is:

im srry if any off u wer <3 broken. :(

i promise im gonna post another one real soon!

i was sad tht barely anyone saw my vids. do u guyz not luv me? :( :(

also, phil send me a message on youtube. this would usually make me suppperrrr happi, but he said no one's bought an album yet. :( y, y, y, y!! do u all jus hat him???

i hat too c him so defeated (or, well, the way it seemed in his words).

butt, on a happier side, phil's website said that he's gonna be playin shows!! eeeeee!!! i can finally get to c him play life! :D

ooooh, i have an idea!!

ill post his site, so u guyz can all go chec it out! here it is:

also! it compleetly slippd my mind to post his other songs. so, here ya go: :D

i wondr whr tht clip at the strt is from? comet if any of u guyz know! :)

anywayz, im gona go. leave phil some rlly nice, reaccuring comets. im sure he need them. :)

untill nex tim

luv, hugs, and kisses,
Olivia V.


OMG! OMG! OMG! OMGEEEEE! *pants alot and gaps for air* ok, calm down olivia. guyz, guyz, it’s finally happened! new phil merrick music! i’m so freaking excited i can barely breathe. im sure im gonna have trouble sleping tonite! :D

this is lik a 2nd christmas for me.

i can’t wait until he posts the other 2 songs! eeeeeee!

the only thing that would mak this bettr is if phil showd up @ my house. thatd be gr8!

oooh, i gotta show these to jimmy!

anywayz, luv u all, i gotta go.

untill nxt tim. :)

luv, hugs, and kisses,
Olivia V.

pixel games!

hey guyz!

srry bout being gon so long! ive jus ben havin’ a super AWESOME summer nd didn’t have tim to update. somthin cool did happen teh other day, tho. i went over jimmys and he had one of those old nintendos! the boxy ones! teh controllers were even boxy, too. god, so many boxes! i think i knew what was on his mind. ;P hehe

anywayz, we played a lot of games. id nevr rlly played any nintendo games cause i nevr had one growing up. we played 3 mario games, legend of zelda, metroid. he told me that the main robot looking thing you controlled in metroid was a woman. i thought that was cool. she seemed like a bad ass. itd be cool to meet her in real life. hehe

we played so many games tht i cant remember the names of a lot of dem. clu clu land and castlevania were two. the first one has a silly name. we had a lot of fun, tho.

i hop phil starts playing some shows soon. he’s long overdue! seeing his sexyness live would be soooo awesome! id support him however i could. he also totally deserves to be on the radio! the radio needs to be shaken up a bit. ;)

anywayz, hope it was good hearing from me you awesome people. talk to you all again soon. :)

love, hugs, and kisses,
Olivia V.

im a starrrr!!!!

guyz, guyz, guyzzzzz!!!!

i mad my 1st video!!!

i hop youll all chek it out!!

this is so exciting. :)

i can bring my love of things to 2 sets of people now! eeeeeee!!

anywayz, that’s all for now. :) ill put up a proper update with mor stuff tonight

untill them

love, hugs, and kisses,

Olivia V.

summer time !!! excite!

yeaaaa!!! im so glad to finally be out of school for the summer!! tim to strt workin on my tan. ;) hehe

god damn that philip merrick!! he needs to post his new album soon! i neeeeeedddd himmm!!! :D


i saw my boyfriend yesterday. he bought me a ice cream. :3 i jus luv goin to teh ice cream parlor in town. its a cool place to hang! he and i are gonna hav a gr8 summer!

also, sleepin in is the most amazing thing eva! i forgot how it felt. :D hehe

been jamin’ out to music a lot in my room! #rockstar

maybe i can practice my backstroke this summer!


anywayz, that’s enough for today. tlk to u guyz soon!

love, hugs, and kisses, 

Olivia V.